NDW, or No Dirty Water is a business unit of Created 2 c. Created 2 c, the parent company of NDW, has the vision is to create and accelerate all around a better world. The vision of NDW is “solving the world’s water issues while creating a better world.” There is the old way of doing business that is just about creating value. At C2c we do things the right way. While still focusing on creating value, we also aim to change lives and create a better world. NDW gives 5 percent of its revenue to supporting the less fortunate and those in need by funding the organizations who help them. NDW products are focused on solving the world’s water issues through natural, activated oxygen/ozone-based water and air purification technologies.


The Next Door Project is a fresh look at what a home can be for you and your family. We look at every aspect of how a modern family lives and, more importantly, how they do not live. We eliminate unnecessary aspects of conventional living and accentuate areas that mean the most to you and your family so that you can live smart and live different.


Coming Soon! Ana & George was born as a way to give back to children in orphanages around the world by C2c’s Founders Joni and John Sztykiels adopted daughter, Ana. Ana & George uses drawings from children in these orphanages to create unique and adorable one-of-a-kind ties for its wearers and give’s a portion of its profits back to those orphanages much like the one Ana came from herself as a child.

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