First why innovate... simply if you don't, eventually your organization will become obsolete, die. In t today's rapidly changing world, the average life expectancy of a company is now just 15 years. 

Biggest issue to overcome...complacency.  People are making money, growth is good... one becomes complacent, comfortable. Then you get blindsided. 

Personally, I have found innovation, growth to be as easy as breathing air. First, the community or company's culture must embrace it. Next:

-Inntuitive wise... one interacts with the market, people , society.

 -Data, market, industry, society either supports or challenges your intuition 

 -Decision Driven.....Move..... and this is the hardest step. 

Innovation, Growth and is that easy.  My analogy makes sense.  Without air one dies.  Without innovation one dies. 

Move. .John Sztykiel